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“You’re About To Discover Personal STEP-BY-STEP
Instructions From a Real Beekeeping Expert on
How To Start Beekeeping From Scratch!”

Beginning Beekeeping
Now Instead of Reading Stacks of Books on Beekeeping or Researching For Hours on The Internet, I’m About To
Show You How To Begin Beekeeping The Successful Way In ONE Amazing Educational Package Created Just For You!




From: Ron Fullman, Beekeeping Expert
Subject: Beginning Beekeeping



“I want to ask you a really quick question about your personal interest in beekeeping…”

Are you HUNGRY to learn how to start beekeeping and want to be able to have a hobby that’s not only really fun, but can also be profitable for you on the side?

Or maybe you have an interest in beekeeping for other reasons…

No matter the case, if you are new to beekeeping, and you’re looking for one “ultimate” resource to guide you, you’ve landed in the right place.

I’ll tell you from my own personal experience, you’re in for a real treat once you figure out how to do beekeeping on your very own. I can’t imagine not raising my own bees and harvesting my own sweet and natural honey every year.

In fact, I downright CHERISH those moments when I can work on raising bees and being close to nature. There is no substitute that can beat it in my book!

“There’s something TRULY MAGICAL about being out in the warm sunshine and fresh air,
harvesting one’s own natural and sweet golden honey…

sunshineHoney is considered THE perfect food. Not only is it amazing for your body, but it never spoils. It truly is the “golden treasure” when it comes to natural food.

But the REAL TRICK is know how to not only learn beekeeping the safe and proper way, but it’s also important to tap into veteran beekeeper TIPS and TRICKS so you get the absolute best quality (and production) of honey each year!

Sure, there are a few beekeeping books on the market that attempt to demonstrate how you should begin beekeeping, but I’ll be honest…MOST of the content is either lacking in scope of information or it’s just very generic “fluff” that get’s you nowhere.

My #1 goal for you is to learn how to start beekeeping the SUPER EASY and FAST WAY
minus the headaches and frustration!

Beekeeping doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated, let me show you how to do it the best way possible!

It’s really simple, all you need to do is:


Relying on old or outdated information (or incorrect information) can lead to not only safety issues, but it’ll lead you directly down the road to failure. I’m going to set you on the correct path, with the right information that you need that will not only make beekeeping in your life successful, but fun at that same time.


In the Ultimate Beekeeping information I’m about to share with you below, I’ll show you WHAT and HOW you need to get your own beekeeping off and running smoothly and successfully. Everything you’ll need will be included. I’ll also be sure to include numerous tips, tricks and secrets that will speed up the entire process for you.

– Introducing The Ultimate Beekeeping Course-
Everything You Need To Begin Beekeeping In ONE Informational Product


Ultimate Beekeeping

Ultimate Beekeeping was created by me, Ron Fullman, to help people just like yourself dive into the wonderful world of beekeeping. Unlike other “how to” beekeeping products that are simply created by book publishers or authors who’ve never “walked the walk”, I have. This is what makes Ultimate Beekeeping better than almost all the instructional products on the market…because it’s personal.

“I’ve put my HEART & SOUL into Ultimate Beekeeping just for you that I know you’re simply going to be blown away by it!”


“Here’s All The AMAZING Beekeeping “Tips, Tricks and Secrets”
You’re Going To Discover In Ultimate Beekeeping…”

  • How to start beekeeping in 21 quick and easy steps anyone can learn from. (pg. 54-94)
  • Discover the exact equipment you will need to start…and what is good, and what to avoid. (pg. 96-104)
  • How to gear up and setup your brand new hives for success! (pg. 61)
  • Find out beekeeping tips, tricks and secrets that work for beekeeping masters. (throughout guide)
  • Choosing the perfect location to setup your beehives. (pg. 58)
  • Learn how to acquire the right bee’s for a highly productive hive. (pg. 14)
  • How to safely and effectively introduce your bees to the hive. (pg. 13, pg. 66)
  • How to create and establish colonies that will flourish like crazy. (pg. 63-66)
  • How to feed your bees. (pg. 67)
  • How to maintain your hives for long term success! (pg. 71)
  • Learn the very best queen management techniques that work like a charm. (pg. 17-23)
  • How to expand your hives the easy way. (pg. 72, pg. 92)
  • Bees not being very productive? This will show you how to change that. (pg. 129)
  • Learn how to master re-queening and all that comes with it. (pg. 17-19)
  • Master the use of Nectar and Pollen substitutes. (pg. 23-25)
  • How to remove bees from a honeycomb. (pg. 144)
  • What to do when your package queen dies or is missing. (pg. 127)
  • Learn how to prevent bacterial and fungal diseases before they can wreck your hives. (pg. 87)
  • Swarming a problem? Learn how to control it and even prevent it. (pg. 90)
  • How to keep bees even if you live in a city or suburban area. (pg. 26)
  • What to do when you have way too many drones in your hive. (pg. 131)
  • Bee stings and how to avoid them and what to do if you get stung.(pg. 42)
  • How to process sweet golden honey and the equipment you need. (pg. 44-50)
  • What to do when you get stinky and multicolored honey! (pg. 143)
  • How to capture a swarm of bees. (pg. 84)
  • Learn all about wintering your bees. (pg. 81)
  • How to avoid OVER-feeding your bees. (pg. 147)
  • How to split large colonies of bees. (pg. 83)
  • Learn how to do Spring inspection and what to look for. (pg. 82)
  • Discover insider secrets that beekeepers have used for decades in beekeeping! (throughout guide)
  • Learn how to identify proper bees with a complete bee identification guide (included). (Pg. 112-119)
  • How to deal with a Queen bee who is being rejected by the other bees. (pg. 128)
  • What to do when bees are in rejection and rejecting things like sugar water. (pg. 128)
  • How to deal with overheating and hives that become too moist. (pg. 138-139)
  • How to manage and deal with feral bees outside the hive. (pg. 134)
  • The 15 BEST BEEKEEPING SUPPLIERS in the USA and ABROAD! (Comes with complete contact info!) (pg. 105)
  • TOP 6 BEEKEEPING FORUMS you must know about! (pg. 109)
  • Discover these 11 AMAZING AND INFORMATIVE BEEKEEPING WEBSITES that every beekeeper should visit often for some of the best information around! (pg. 110)

You’ll discover ALL of the above information plus much, much more!


“If You Want To Take The Fastest Route To Learn How to Start Beekeeping,
Let Me Give You Three Important Reasons Why Ultimate Beekeeping Is For You…”

honey-jar#1: You Will Learn How to Start Beekeeping QUICKLY! Look, if you are reading my message to you I know you are interested in learning how to start beekeeping. And for anyone who is passionate about learning a new hobby wants to do it quickly. I know you are probably not any different. With the information in Ultimate Beekeeping, I’ve made it so you can digest the information quickly and get started beekeeping right away.

#2: You Will Learn How to Start Beekeeping CORRECTLY! Of course you want to learn how to start beekeeping right away and to do it quickly. That is all fine and good, but the most critical aspect is doing it correctly. Sure, you could rush it and do it incorrectly and where is that going to get you? Nowhere. I’ve put all the best information and correct information in Ultimate Beekeeping. This is the same information that has started hundreds of people in the world of beekeeping. It’s easy, and it works.

#3: You Will Learn How to Start Beekeeping THE FUN WAY! Ahh…yes, fun! If you are passionate about beekeeping and don’t want to learn from a huge, massive book or product that is just booooooring…then Ultimate Beekeeping is for you. Beekeeping is a hobby. It is meant to be enjoyable. I’ve done that for you. Now you can step out into the fresh air and warm sun and be one with nature…and enjoy your own beekeeping adventures!


“Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get When You Order Ultimate Beekeeping
For Yourself In The Next Few Minutes…”

The Ultimate Beekeeping Package is a collection of 6 comprehensive and downloadable ebooks/reports that will show you EASILY how to start beekeeping step-by-step including easy to read instructions, illustrations, tips and tricks, beekeeping videos and more!

You literally will discover how to go from knowing nothing about beekeeping to learning how to master it correctly!

The Ultimate Beekeeping Package

Master Beekeeping 101: The Core EssentialsEbook #1 “Master Beekeeping 101: The Core Essentials”

This is the main guide with full details on the process of beekeeping, including steps, equipment, tips and more. Mastering Beekeeping 101 is the essential “core” elements of beekeeping you will need to know when starting your own bee hives and harvesting honey, etc.

“Jam packed with tons of great information on everything beekeeping, but made
simple and easy for you to understand!”

Beekeeping in 21 Quick and Easy StepsEbook #2 “Beekeeping in 21 Quick and Easy Steps!”

This is your “cheat sheets” guide to beekeeping. In this guide, I have broken down beekeeping to the very fundamental steps to help you get up and going with beekeeping quickly and correctly! Simple and concise steps and instructions you need!

Beekeeping in 21 Quick and Easy Steps is just that…beekeeping in 21 steps made simple and easy for you!

“This is the perfect “quick” reference guide for you to get started beekeeping right away!”

Beekeeper ChecklistEbook #3 “The Beekeepers Essential Start-Up Checklist”

Every new beekeeper needs to know what products he/she needs when starting or learning beekeeping and this is exactly what The Beekeepers Essential Start-Up Checklist is! I’ve put together this great checklist of every tool or product you will need to get going on your beekeeping right away.

Simple and easy to read, and a great reference to use each time you want to create more hives!

“This is THE essential “start up” checklist you are going to need!”

The Frustrated BeekeeperEbook #4 “The Frustrated Beekeeper: Unique Solutions to 50 Common Beekeeping Problems”

Ahh…now you that you have learned how to setup and start your own bee colonies and more, you may notice all kinds of problems arise. Many other “how to” beekeeping products may show you how to start beekeeping, but they do NOT show you and explain to you the common problems you may face! That is where this guide comes in!

Now you will get unique solutions to top 50 common beekeeping problems!


The Ultimate Beekeeping Business PlanEbook #5 The Ultimate Beekeeping Business Plan

So you have the hang of beekeeping and are having a blast harvesting rich golden honey? Why not turn your new love and passion for beekeeping into a real business and earn supplemental income why you are at it?

Many beekeepers worldwide actually generate a nice little income from their hobby and you can too. But before you go down this route, you will need a solid business plan. No worries, I have created the perfect beekeeping business plan for you.

“Turn your hobby of beekeeping into extra income!”

Bee IdentificationEbook #6 “The Complete Bee Identification Guide”

Plain and simple, this is a colorful and useful bee identification guide. Not only does it show the different types of bees, but also detailed background information about each. The more you know about the different types of bees, the better.

“A perfect little reference for any new beekeeper!”



I’m also giving you these TWO must have bonuses (limited and exclusive)…

bonusBeekeeping VideosEXCLUSIVE BONUS #1
Member Only Access To 30 Online “how to” Beekeeping TOP Videos!

You will be given a password to login in to the members only video webpage. All login details will be included in your package.

You may discover there may be even MORE videos as I’m currently working on adding more and more useful videos!

These videos will cover…

  • Bee Hive Construction
  • Beekeeping Equipment
  • Building an Active Beehive
  • How to Use a Beehive Smoker
  • How to Find Kept Bees
  • How to Properly Smoke Bees
  • And much more!

bonusblueprintEXCLUSIVE BONUS #2
Ultimate Beekeeping Beehive and Beekeeping Equipment Blueprints!

So let’s say you are really serious about beekeeping and instead of buying a beehive, you actually want to make your very own unique beehive. Well, first of all, you need solid beekeeping beehive plans to start the process.

Now you will have all the detailed plans you need at your fingertips! Anytime you need them!

These clear and easy plans will break down the process with ease. They are easy to read and easy to implement!

You will learn how to create…

  • 5&6 Deep Brood Bee Hive
  • 22 inch Wide Bee Hive & Frame
  • Honey Bee Storage Cellar
  • Full Honey Extractor
  • Honey Comb Uncapping Tank
  • Simple and Easy Low Cost Bee Hive
  • Solar Bees Wax Extractor


Here’s a Few Recent RAVE REVIEWS From Satisfied Customers…


“Ron’s package contains all you need to know about beekeeping, from the start-up,
to having your own business, and this all in ONE PLACE!”

“Thank you so much Ron for sharing your expertise about beekeeping with us. I especially liked your step-by-step guide and the online videos. All of the material was very informative and easy to read. For those who are looking for a complete overview of the beekeeping business, look no further! Ron’s package contains all you need to know about beekeeping, from the start-up, to having your own business, and this all in ONE PLACE!”

HelenaHelena from Sweden




“You have opened my eyes to the wonderful world of bees and I sincerely thank you for it.
Keep up the great work!”

“I wanted to write and let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your beekeeping material. I have no experience in beekeeping—other than knowing one beekeeper—but have a much greater awareness, familiarity, and understanding of it now that I have read through your material. Everything was well-written and easy to understand, especially for a beginner.Not only am I confident that I could begin beekeeping safely right now, but I also feel that I could set up a business and continue learning this fun and exciting hobby as a result of your product.

You have opened my eyes to the wonderful world of bees and I sincerely thank you for it. Keep up the great work!”

VinnyVinny from Virginia




“I can’t thank you enough for your Ultimate Beekeeping package! I took up beekeeping last summer as a hobby, and until I got your program I had no idea how much I didn’t know.”

“Dear Ron: I can’t thank you enough for your Ultimate Beekeeping package! I took up beekeeping last summer as a hobby, and until I got your program I had no idea how much I didn’t know. Thanks to your “Beekeeping in 21 Steps” I know just what to do come spring, to make sure we have a great summer.

I am just now reading through the “99 Master Beekeeping Tips” and the info in it is outstanding! For instance, your Secret #14. I was having a problem with a laying worker, and I didn’t even know it! Why was my hive producing only drones and no workers? You explained the problem. Not only that, but in Secret #14, you provided a simple solution. It worked like a charm! Using your Secret #23, I think I’ve managed to integrate a new queen into my hive. At least, the workers seem to have accepted her, which is a good first step. And, I never knew how important it was to keep track of how much pollen my bees are bringing back to the hive. Your Secret #66 explained all that. It seems so simple, now that I know!

I think I will be a much better beekeeper with your help. I have really enjoyed taking up this hobby and I want to treat my bees right.”

Screen shot 2014-07-01 at 10.47.04 AMCarol from Michigan




“I would recommend your package to anyone, and I do every time
I talk to someone in the Bee World.”

“The info you provided in the Ultimate Beekeeping package is to say the least invaluable. I hived two packages of bees this year. I am a first year beekeeper, and used your methods concerning plastic frames. The results were fabulous. They took to the plastic frames without a problem.

The section on Bee diseases is very informative, and a must have for every beekeeper not just a newbie like me. You instructions are very easy to read, and understand for the first time beekeeper. The resource section is very helpful and appreciated. Your entire Book very impressive and complete, I researched beekeeping for over a year, and found resistance within my local community attaining start up information.

I would recommend your package to anyone, and I do every time I talk to someone in the Bee World. “

Brett from Ohio


“The info that I have received from you I think is the best I have been able to find so far…”

“Hi Ron my name is Ray Wesnoski. I live in Riverhurst Sask. Canada. I started last year with 10 hives this year I now have 30. The info that I have received from you I think is the best I have been able to find so far. I am very interested in any more info you can give me. I would like to start raising my own queens this summer.”

Ray from Canada


“So Let Me Summarize What You’ll Be Getting When You Purchase Your Own Copy
of The Ultimate Beekeeping Package Below…”

When you join the hundreds of other people who are thrilled with their purchase of Ultimate Beekeeping (plus bonuses!), this is what you’ll get:

  • You will get SIX JAM-PACKED Instructional Beekeeping Ebooks (Instant Access!)
  • Access to 30 Beekeeping Videos you can view anytime you want (Instant Access!)
  • An easy beekeeping business plan if you get really serious with making money with your bees (Instant Access!)
  • Detailed Beekeeping Blueprints that are perfect to have on reference and to use (Instant Access!)
  • A “No Questions Asked” 6 Month Money Back Guarantee (READ BELOW)


“And Of Course, I’m Not Going To Skimp On a Guarantee…
I’m Giving You 6 Full Months To Put It To Work For You!”

6 month guaranteeMost products on the market today have really short guarantees – 30 days is the standard deal, and maybe you’ll find a 60-day guarantee every so often. But I don’t think that’s the right fit for this ebook – or the right fit for you, for that matter.

You may not even had a chance to learn one bit of information on learning how to start beekeeping- so I don’t feel like a short evaluation period is in your best interest. So I’m going to let you take a full 6 months to start putting this information to work for you because I know building successful hives, etc. can take time.

And if you don’t think this beekeeping information fulfills everything you need to start beekeeping- for any reason – just ask for a refund. I’m a hassle-free kind of guy, so you’ll get your money back nice and fast. In fact, I stand behind it so much that even if you ask for a refund…I’m just going to let you keep all the downloads.

Will people take advantage of this 6-month guarantee and return the ebook even though it’s working really well for them? Oh of course, yeah, there are a few leeches out there (but I’m betting that you are not one of them). Besides, I think maybe 1% of the people who give Ultimate Beekeeping a try have ever asked for a refund. It might be 2%, but it’s small enough that I don’t even think about it. That is like 1 out of 100 buyers. That means 99% are happy with it!

So put yourself in your own shoes, a few weeks or months from now…

BeekeeperYou’ve read Ultimate Beekeeping, watched the videos, and gone through the easy steps to get you started beekeeping the right way.

You will have a flourishing hive (or hives) that are healthy, vibrant, and producing golden honey. The good news is, the sky is the limit as to how many you will want to start.

I’m giving you all the right information – the tools you need, the steps you need to take, the things you need to do and avoid, and more.

And not only that, I’m giving it to you so inexpensively that you’ll make your money back – and then some – just in sales of your golden honey if you so choose to sell it!

The ebooks you’re about to download represents months of work, research, editing, and more. Hours is more of an understatement, more like weeks and months of work. If one had to pay strictly by the amount of effort and hours that went into it, it would cost hundreds. Easily.

But you’re not going to get hit up for anything remotely close to that. That’s crazy talk.

Now you can get the ENTIRE Ultimate Beekeeping Package, with all bonuses
for ONE single payment of $125ONLY $29.95!


So whether you’ve read everything I’ve written this far or you’ve just skimmed to the shiny “add to cart” button below, you know this is one heck of a deal, and with a 6-month guarantee I’m the one taking on the risk, not you.

For less than $30, you get instant access to essential beekeeping information, 30 beekeeping videos, a beekeeping business plan, a bee identification guide, beekeeping blueprints, and it is all guaranteed for 6 full months!

You will get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS To all the material in The Ultimate Beekeeping Package once you place your order below…



I’m SO confident that you will love the Ultimate Beekeeping package that I will offer you A FULL 6 MONTH, 100% Money Back Guarantee! Give it a try and if you are not satisfied, just let me know and I will refund you in full…no questions asked, and you can even keep all the information.

Looking forward to seeing your beekeeping success story!



P.S. Remember, you get everything you need to learn how to start beekeeping starting right now, and your order comes with a 6 month money-back guarantee!

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