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Just imagine raising your own bees in fresh air and warm sunshine,
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Let me ask you a question…

When it comes to learning how to start beekeeping, what do you think is the difference between "good" beekeeping products and "bad" beekeeping products?

The answer is pretty simple. CONTENT.

But not only that, it is the CORRECT CONTENT that matters.

Sure, there are all kinds of beekeeping "how to" products on the market, but are they really any good? Or are they lacking or even worse, overkill on the information you need? Both are very common actually…and neither can be very helpful.

Taking the headache out of learning how to start beekeeping: Beekeeping doesn't need to be difficult.

I'm sure you are just like everyone else who wants to learn beekeeping, you simply want the RIGHT information, the right steps and instructions, and most of all…no "fluff" or filler content.


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Step #1 on How to Start Beekeeping:

Obtain the correct beekeeping knowledge…

Every day, new beekeeping enthusiasts venture into the world of beekeeping. There are many avenues they may take. Some buy multiple books on the subject, some search on site after site online, and some try to start beekeeping with the WRONG type of information.

There really is a difference between right and wrong beekeeping information, so that is why I am here to steer you clear of the bad stuff.

You want to make sure you start off on the right foot when learning how to start beekeeping with the RIGHT INFORMATION. The best how to start beekeeping information is information that is easy to use, proven to work, and is highly effective (plus minimizes your costs).

Tempted to skip this step?

You are very welcome to, but getting the wrong information can cause you not only a lot of problems, it can cost you in multiple ways.


Step #2 on How to Start Beekeeping:

Start! Apply the correct beekeeping steps…

Step two for you to learn beekeeping is to now apply the information I will give you in the Ultimate Beekeeping package. I will give you the both the CORRECT information and the CORRECT steps.

Simple as that.


It is simply called, The Ultimate Beekeeping Package

  • No more need to hunt around through piles of random beekeeping information.
  • No more need to buy basic guides that only give you "filler" and "fluff" information that gets you nowhere.
  • No more need to buy multiple books and programs just to get all the information you need to even begin.


"Here's All The Good Stuff You're Going To Learn In
The Ultimate Beekeeping Package"

Ok, just some of it, there is too much to cover here :P


  • How to start beekeeping in 21 quick and easy steps anyone can learn from. (pg. 54-94)
  • Discover the exact equipment you will need to start…and what is good, and what to avoid. (pg. 96-104)
  • How to gear up and setup your brand new hives for success! (pg. 61)

  • Find out beekeeping tips, tricks and secrets that work for beekeeping masters. (throughout guide)

  • Choosing the perfect location to setup your beehives. (pg. 58)

  • Learn how to acquire the right bee's for a highly productive hive. (pg. 14)

  • How to safely and effectively introduce your bees to the hive. (pg. 13, pg. 66)

  • How to create and establish colonies that will flourish like crazy. (pg. 63-66)

  • How to feed your bees. (pg. 67)

  • How to maintain your hives for long term success! (pg. 71)

  • Learn the very best queen management techniques that work like a charm. (pg. 17-23)

  • How to expand your hives the easy way. (pg. 72, pg. 92)

  • Bees not being very productive? This will show you how to change that. (pg. 129)

  • Learn how to master re-queening and all that comes with it. (pg. 17-19)

  • Master the use of Nectar and Pollen substitutes. (pg. 23-25)

  • How to remove bees from a honeycomb. (pg. 144)

  • What to do when your package queen dies or is missing. (pg. 127)

  • Learn how to prevent bacterial and fungal diseases before they can wreck your hives. (pg. 87)

  • Swarming a problem? Learn how to control it and even prevent it. (pg. 90)

  • How to keep bees even if you live in a city or suburban area. (pg. 26)

  • What to do when you have way too many drones in your hive. (pg. 131)

  • Bee stings and how to avoid them and what to do if you get stung.(pg. 42)

  • How to process sweet golden honey and the equipment you need. (pg. 44-50)

  • What to do when you get stinky and multicolored honey! (pg. 143)

  • How to capture a swarm of bees. (pg. 84)

  • Learn all about wintering your bees. (pg. 81)

  • How to avoid OVER-feeding your bees. (pg. 147)

  • How to split large colonies of bees. (pg. 83)

  • Learn how to do Spring inspection and what to look for. (pg. 82)

  • Discover insider secrets that beekeepers have used for decades in beekeeping! (throughout guide)

  • Learn how to identify proper bees with a complete bee identification guide (included). (Pg. 112-119)

  • How to deal with a Queen bee who is being rejected by the other bees. (pg. 128)

  • What to do when bees are in rejection and rejecting things like sugar water. (pg. 128)

  • How to deal with overheating and hives that become too moist. (pg. 138-139)

  • How to manage and deal with feral bees outside the hive. (pg. 134)

  • The 15 BEST BEEKEEPING SUPPLIERS in the USA and ABROAD! (Comes with complete contact info!) (pg. 105)

  • TOP 6 BEEKEEPING FORUMS you must know about! (pg. 109)

  • Discover these 11 AMAZING AND INFORMATIVE BEEKEEPING WEBSITES that every beekeeper should visit often for some of the best information around! (pg. 110)

  • ALL of the above plus much, much more!


——The points above are only a fraction of what you will learn.——

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"If You Want To Take The Fastest Route To Learn How to Start Beekeeping,
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  • You Can Learn How to Start Beekeeping Quickly: Look, if you are reading my message to you I know you are interested in learning how to start beekeeping. And for anyone who is passionate about learning a new hobby wants to do it quickly. I know you are probably not any different. With the information in Ultimate Beekeeping, I've made it so you can digest the information quickly and get started beekeeping right away.
  • You Can Learn How to Start Beekeeping Correctly: Of course you want to learn how to start beekeeping right away and to do it quickly. That is all fine and good, but the most critical aspect is doing it correctly. Sure, you could rush it and do it incorrectly and where is that going to get you? Nowhere. I've put all the best information and correct information in Ultimate Beekeeping. This is the same information that has started hundreds of people in the world of beekeeping. It's easy, and it works.
  • You Can Learn How to Start Beekeeping The Fun Way! Ahh…yes, fun! If you are passionate about beekeeping and don't want to learn from a huge, massive book or product that is just booooooring…then Ultimate Beekeeping is for you. Beekeeping is a hobby. It is meant to be enjoyable. I've done that for you. Now you can step out into the fresh air and warm sun and be one with nature…and enjoy your own beekeeping adventures!

The point here is that yes, you could do all of this on your own (heck, it can take some people multiple attempts just to get everything right), but the question is really do you want to make it any harder on yourself than you have to?

"Wouldn't you rather make learning how to start beekeeping
easy and effective and save all the headaches and most of all, money?"


If "spending forever" is your plan, than more power to you – to each his (or her) own.

But if time is money in your world, and you want to take the shorter route so you can get started right now, the right way, then you're going to want all of the benefits this offer is going to give you.


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